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Ground Cargo and Warehousing Services

Both local and international shipping are vital components of many businesses, and while they could present opportunities for expansion, they may turn out to be daunting as well. The long process of staying within the limits of regulations as well as ensuring that you have all the paperwork are among the challenges businesses face and get caught up in logistics.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. With a competent logistics company, you can have peace of mind knowing that your goods are in the right hands when exporting, importing, or moving goods locally. Modum Logistics is a logistics company that operates in the UK and other European countries to provide fast, secure, and cost-effective freight forwarding and logistics services.

Here are some of the key areas of freight forwarding and logistics:

  1. Local Freight Forwarding

One of the services under logistics is local freight forwarding. This involves not only the shipping of merchandise locally but also its storage on behalf of the shippers. Among the services offered under local freight forwarding include the preparation of paperwork for shipping and export, tracking local transportation, booking cargo space, warehousing, cargo insurance, and freight consolidation among others.

  1. International Freight Forwarding

It follows from local freight forwarding services that international freight forwarding is about handling cargo for international shipping. International trade can be complicated, but with the right assistance, the process should be smooth and easy. The freight forwarder, which is the logistics company will oversee the delivery of the cargo to the intended destination on time and in an undamaged condition.

Among the services under international freight forwarding include the following:

  • Packaging

Packaging is a vital step to shipping, and the freight forwarder offers professional assistance to its clients on how to package cargo for export. This will mainly depend on both the type of cargo and the chosen means of shipping which include air, rail or sea. When shipping via air, the weight of the cargo will affect the cost of shipping, and therefore the freight forwarder will encourage lighter packing to keep the costs to a minimum.

  • Labeling

It is essential to have properly labeled goods before handing them over for international shipping. The freight forwarder will ensure that their clients’ products are well-labeled for shipping. The labels should show the precise items in the container, country of origin, nature of the goods (whether hazardous or not), port of entry, weight, and other requirements as per the regulations in the destination country.

  • Documentation

Another valuable service offered by a freight forwarder is ensuring that all paperwork is prepared on time before shipping. These documents require professional knowledge, and that is why the logistics company acting as the forwarder will need to be involved. They include the Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin, Inspection Certificate, Commercial Invoice, and Export Packing List among others.

  1. Warehousing

Besides the logistics of delivering products to customers or receiving goods from the manufacturer, another thing that businesses are concerned with is the management of their inventory, and more specifically its storage. That is when warehousing services are sought after. Logistic companies offer different packages under the warehousing services to cater for the space needs of its clients. The service will focus not only on the safe storage of goods but also effective and accurate cataloguing as well as tracking of the clients’ inventories.

At Modum Logistics, we offer fast, secure and cost-effective freight forwarding and logistics services to our clients. We provide local freight forwarding and warehousing services in the United Kingdom as well as international freight forwarding within the European countries. What’s more, you can rely on us to conveniently deliver your cargo anywhere in Europe with our Express Delivery services.